Terre logsdon


Founded by Terre Logsdon in 2006 then refined and relaunched in 2018, Terre has performed a wide array of support to help local businesses succeed – from serving as Chief Operations Officer, Sales & Business Development Manager, and more. Her focus is finding areas where your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there.
At Sage Support Services, our mission is to perform Mise en place for your business success. Mise en place is a French phrase that roughly translates to “everything in its place.”
As a cooking technique, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a method of preparing and organizing ingredients to maximize a recipe’s efficiency. So crucial is it to the function of a professional kitchen that, for most chefs, mise en place is a way of life – and it’s what we provide at Sage Support Services for your business.
Read more about mise en place for business at the Harvard Business Review
At Sage Support services, mise en place translates to allowing us to set up the conditions for your business success.

Mise en Place for Business : Creating the conditions for your business success…

Back Office/HR

Human Resources: Job descriptions, evaluations, employee policy and procedure development. Writing and research. Integrating new software (Quick Books Online, automated payroll) Virtual phone systems…

Social media/ marketing

Social media graphics to increase engagement and website traffic, social media campaign design & management, website content & design refresh, press release creation and release.


Business support in all areas: short-term projects, research to identify the help you need – and provide it. Email marketing, design, and list management, referrals, and more.

Examples of Recent Work

Lake County Broadband Solutions

Design: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Hired as the Chief Operating Officer in July 2017 to set up all back office systems, human resource policies, procedures, and hire and train staff to begin operations of the first locally-owned and operated Internet Service Provider in Lake County. Set up and managed website and social media. Integrated merchant services, Quick Books Online,  and online payroll with ISP software packages and online banking. 

Lake county hunger task force

manage: website & facbook

Both website and facebook page previously set-up by Hunger Task Force (HTF), then person managing moved away. Worked with HTF to re-establish access to both, then took over management of page and website. No budget for boosting posts; have increased engagment by 50% in last year.

Nor-Cal Telecom

design: Facebook

Set-up Facebook page for local established business; good example of what happens if page is set up, but not managed (no followers).

Recreation in lake county

Create & Manage: Facebook

Set-up page in 2011 to promote recreational opportunities in Lake County including music, outdoors, events, and local food/farming. No budget, no boosted posts, almost 1,500 followers. 

Lavender Blue

Design: Facebook

Set-up and manage Facebook page for new local business; turned over to new owners when business sold.

friends of highland springs recreation area

Create & manage: facebook

Set-up page for Highland Springs Recreation Area in 2006, and merged with new page set up by Lake County Water Resources, which oversees Highland Springs, in 2017.

ms fixit repairs

design: website, facebook

Small woman-owned business based in Richmond, CA. Designed and set-up website and facebook.

Farm to school

design & manage: webpages, facebook

As part of the overall website of North Coast Opportunities, set-up the pages for the Farm to School program in Lake County program, as well as the NCO Farm to School Facebook page.

Lake county farmers’ finest

manage: facebook

As a former board member of Lake County Farmers’ Finest, continue to manage both the main page and the Tuesday Market at Library Park facebook pages along with other board members and staff.